Work with Me

I always tell my clients this is going to be an amazing, expansive experience because you are ready to stand in your power, show up, and release your limitations.  I am here to support each and every beautiful soul I encounter and help them on a new pathway to transformation.

I will accompany you to reach the goal of where you want to be and you will remember your divine self. I am humbled and grateful to whoever comes into my life.

In-person or over a distance we can speak together about what is ailing you, where you feel stuck, or have pain, and intuitively, we will come up with a healing plan.

I will work with you energetically to address some of these issues and more:

  • Outdated Beliefs
  • Allergies
  • Pain Issues
  • Chakra Imbalances
  • Past Lives
  • Toxicity

As the client, you are the forerunner to your own healing and your body will speak to us through its cellular energy, directing the wellness process. I will be guided and you will release whatever is holding you back physically and/or emotionally from having radiant health, the health you are entitled to, the health you will step into under my direction.

Karen D'Antonio


Private Session in Person: 1-1/2 hrs. My place or yours.
Private Distance Session includes a 30 minute phone call prior to the session to know what is needed.

“At all times while she is working on you, you feel safe and very much nurtured.

Her kind and gentle presence filled with compassion, love, and vast knowledge through her years of experience puts one at ease and offers a path to self-improvement and new perspectives on all levels.”